Ayto Wars

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At first

This is a multiplayer battle game dedicated to the Windows Store. Let's make this game "Let's make it! It was made for "Windows Store App Championship". (However, we are not participating in the championship itself.)

This game can be played on both Windows and Windows Phone. The game content is the same.

Operating environment

Public version 1.03
Version to be published No current appointment
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Mobile
Cpu Windows 8.1, What Windows Phone 8.1 works
Free memory 40MB or more
HD empty space
  • Windows: 65MB or more
  • Windows Phone: 35MB or more
Video Windows 8.1, What Windows Phone 8.1 works
Display size
  • Windows: 1280×720 or higher
  • Windows Phone: 800×480 or higher
Required interface Mouse or touch device
Others Internet connection (if you post a score on Twitter)

How to download and install

The steps below are similar on Windows and Windows Phone.

way part one

  1. Open the Windows Store page. (It must be an OS that can be installed by a Windows Store app or a Windows Phone app.)
  2. The store screen opens automatically. When the A.D. Wars page opens, select the "Install" button.
  3. For Windows, after a while, you're done with the "Installation completed" toast in the top right corner. You'll see the Games of Ayto Wars on the Start menu. For Windows Phones, the Start menu shows the status of the installation, so wait for the installation to complete.

Way Part 2

  1. Select Store from the Start menu.
  2. From the search field, type "Ato Wars" to search. (Top right for Windows, in the app bar below for Windows Phone)
  3. When the "Ato Wars" screen appears, install it from there.

How to uninstall

For Windows

  1. From the Start menu, look for "Ato Wars".
  2. Right-click the tile for the mouse, or drag the tile a little for touch to check it.
  3. Select Uninstall from the app bar.

For Windows Phone

  1. From the Start menu, look for "Ato Wars".
  2. Press and hold "Ato Wars" to display the menu.
  3. Select Delete.

Privacy Policy

See the following pages:

How to play

Purpose and goal

I manipulate Shoko and Aiko and defeat the rays led by Yoshio. Battle is a stage-based action battle, up to 49 stages.

Menu, etc.

The menu is basically just pressing a button, so I'll select it with a mouse or touch.


As an operation to do during the battle, it has become a simple game only to move fellow Shoko and Eiko. When an enemy comes near you, it will automatically attack. To move a buddy, select it with the mouse or touch, and then drag it to the new location.

Let's move well and fight off the enemy. Depending on the stage, the composition and number of friends and enemies vary, so the advantage disadvantage is determined by how you move them. Try to judge the situation and fight.

To clear the stage, you can either annihilate the enemy or defeat Yoshio. Conditions will be displayed before the start of the battle, so please check in advance.

The remaining number of allies and enemies is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Not all characters are displayed on the screen, and characters that are not appear as reinforcements. The appearance position, frequency, type, etc. of reinforcements vary depending on the stage.

There is a "level" in the ally, and if you defeat an enemy or clear the stage, experience value accumulates and the level increases. When the level goes up, the strength of Shoko and Eiko increases. If the stage can not be cleared, it will be easier to clear if you challenge up the level.

When you clear the stage, the score is displayed, the level up message when the level increases, and the score update message when the score is updated.


In this game, you will see four types of allies and four enemies. Since each feature is different, let's capture well to see the point.


Name Image Life Attack other
Shoko It's so many. Strong
Use multiple weapons
If Shoko is done, he will lose.
Only one person might be considerably strong, and the war situation often changes by the use of the child.
They move fast
White Ray Less Weak
Weak but large numbers
Blue Ray Often Strong
Long distance
Stronger than white rays
The attack is a little slow.
Move a little faster
Yellow ray Less Weak
Long distance
They penetrate
not very strong and small in number, but recover a little fellow who is near


Name Image Life Attack other
Yoshio. Very many Use several types of attacks Clear defeat with enemy bosses
Because it is considerably strong, it remains roughly until the end.
Green Ray Less Weak
a lot of weak come out
Shiei Ordinary Weak
Long distance
They move fast
It is necessary to approach from here and attack because it attacks from quite a distance.
Black Ray Very many Strong It has the strength of the top class among the aychi, and it is strong enough to be able to defeat it at last by a few a little a child.
It is troublesome in many ways because the movement is slow, it attacks from a distance, and it is blown away considerably when it is attacked.


When you clear the stage, the score by "level at the time of clear", "remaining ally remaining", "clear time" is displayed. If the best value is updated in any of the fields, it will be recorded as a score. You can see the score from the Start menu.

Post to Twitte

After you clear the stage, select the "post to Twitter" button to stream the clear score to Twitter. Since the post screen is displayed in Internet Explorer, please post as it is. You'll need to sign in with your Twitter account to post.

About Save Games

All recordings of the game are automatically saved. When you quit the game, please exit as it is.

Also, save games are synchronized only if you are logged in with the same account on Windows and Windows Phone. For example, if you start Wars on Windows Phone after advancing to the 5th stage in Windows, you can play from the 6th stage. (Note, however, that the synchronization timing is not immediate.) Synchronization timing mistakes will not cause data to disappear.)


The enemy does not defeat easily and the stage cannot be cleared.

The latter half of the stage, the more difficult it is, but some stages have a higher degree of difficulty depending on the composition of your allies and enemies. It depends on how you can clear each stage by how to move your teammates, but the way to make sure to clear it is to raise the level.

Once you've cleared the stage, you can try as many times as you like, so it's a good idea to raise your level and try again. In addition, even if it is annihilated, the experience value earned during the battle remains, so I think that there is also a challenge most.

I'd like to clear the low level, but will the level not return anymore?

If you clear a condition, you will be able to select the player's level.

My friend's attack doesn't fly straight to the enemy.

Because there is precision in the attack of the character, it does not fly straight to the enemy. The farther you are, the harder it is to hit, so to make sure you hit it, you have to approach the enemy. Also, as the level increases, the accuracy increases.

Copyright /Disclaimer


Even if direct or indirect damages occur to the user as a result of using this software, the author shall not be liable for any compensation, etc. Please use it after understanding it.


This software is protected by the provisions of the Copyright Act of Japan and international treaties.

The copyright of this software (including programs and related documents) is in "Onora".

About distribution

It is prohibited to extract and distribute some of the data.

Because the software is distributed through the Windows Store, no other distribution methods are allowed.

If you would like to introduce this software on the homepage, please take a method of linking to"https://sorceryforce.net/".

For magazine publications, etc., we will respond by e-mail. (https://sorceryforce.net/home/inquiry)

About the material used

The software borrows the following materials:

About the Software

  • This software is free software. There is no payment of the fee etc. by using it.
  • Software specifications are subject to change without notice in the future.
  • Remodeling of this software, internal analysis, etc. must not be carried out.

Version up history

Ver 1.03 (2016/08/11)

  • Windows Phone 8.1, Support for back-to-back operations and game termination with the hardware back button in Windows 10 Mobile

Ver 1.02 (2015/07/25)

  • Help typographical errors
  • Simultaneous Release of Windows Phone
  • Save game sync on Windows and Windows Phone

Ver 1.01 (2013/06/04)

  • Score display after stage clear
  • Added the best score screen for each stage
  • Cleared stage selection (all versions can only be returned forward, ver 1.01 is bi-directional)
  • Player level selection (but must meet the criteria)
  • After clearing the stage, we made it to be able to challenge the same stage again.
  • Clear score tweeted to Twitter (IE launch)
  • Reduce app file size by about 10%

Ver 1.00 (2013/05/16)

  • First version

Miscellaneous (2013/05/26)

As mentioned at the beginning, this game is "Let's make it! It is a game that I tried to make with the idea of puting out an app in the Windows Store App Championship]. I had known about this project for a long time, but at that time I had no idea that I would make it just because I thought about "heh". Well, there were times when I was doing it in another matter.

For some reason, I was drawing a picture of Shoko. The mystery action of drawing a picture without making an app. Even at this point, I didn't think about making an app at all. By the way, the picture is given to pixiv. (Link below)

So, I suddenly decided to make an app around Monday, May 6, 2013 (and around the afternoon). I think i was still moaning about what kind of game I was going to play. The deadline for this championship was Sunday, May 12, and it was a condition that "the app is open to the store".

I didn't have much time, so I decided to borrow images and background music from a material store, and I mainly produced programs. Even if I borrowed the material, I had to adjust it in various ways because I had to adapt it to the game. Well, this was managed in about half a day.

It is a program, but in fact, this is a challenge, but I was thinking about the wind of making a game, when you make a game in a Windows Store app, only "C++ & DirectX" is supported by default, and that is the only option. Well, there is an option called game in C# + XAML and Javascript + HTML, but this is not a high game control, and it was quite unknown whether it was possible to make the game of the desired.

To be honest, I thought it would be impossible in time to make it while examining the API in C++ + DirectX from now on, and I was suddenly frustrated, but at that time Mr. Reon Akasaka wrote an article on "MonoGame" and I learned that the program could be made with almost the same code as XNA, so I decided to make it with this. I tried to make a sample lightly, but I was surprised that it moved as it was rather.

Even though I could make it in the same way as XNA, I didn't make libraries or anything like that, so I wrote programs almost from scratch. Basically, I was able to move it almost as intended, but I think that it is better to be careful if it is made with MonoGame because it encounters phenomena such as some things that do not move, cannot use, and make incomprehensible errors. Even if you search for information on the Web, there is almost no information on the Japanese site, and it is a level whether you can find it in English-speaking countries. If you use MonoGame, you may want to solve it on your own.

It is around noon of 5/12 (Sunday) that it was completed by such a thing. It takes about three days to make the program and two days to adjust the game. In terms of the period, it is about six days, but since I worked normally on weekdays, the working time is actually about 30 hours. It is a little vague because it did not count finely. Because it was a person who was not able to live if it did not sleep, it slept normally without staying up all night and it lived.

As you can see, even though the game itself is made, it hasn't been raised to the store yet at this point. It is said that it takes about two to five days to judge to raise it to the store, so the game is over at this point. This is why I didn't participate in the championship. In fact, it was not good in time originally because it was started by the examination once.

And well it is a game that was made of such a feeling, but those who can move the Windows Store app because it is published for free please try to play by all means. I think that i can clear all stages if there is about one day. Because it is saved for each stage, it might be good to try to play little by little with the feeling that it is one stage a day. From the web, you can search for "Aite Wars" in the following links and stores.